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40% of companies do not secure the mobile apps they develop

The state of mobile insecurity

A study by IBM and the Ponemon Institute challenges the security of mobile applications, and describes the current state as “very disturbing”. The study reveals that nearly 40% of large companies do not take the necessary precautions to secure the mobile applications they design for customers and do not sufficiently protect their BYOD mobile devices from cyber attacks, thus giving hackers access to user, company and customer data.
A Ponemon Institute study sponsored by IBM in March 2015 reveals the alarming state of mobile security for applications. Every year, an average of $ 34 million is spent by a company to develop new mobile apps.
In the race to create more and more applications, application development companies all too often rely on the end user experience and forget two crucial points: its security and the protection of his private life.

The results of the study show that nearly 40% of large companies do not take the necessary precautions to secure the mobile applications they design for their customers. Many of these companies are Fortune 500 companies and operate in sectors that work on highly sensitive data such as financial services, healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry, the public sector, entertainment and distribution.

Of the $ 34 million budget for application creation, only 5.5% is used to secure applications against cyber attacks before they are released. 33% of these companies never test their applications, and only 15% of them test their applications as often as necessary. And 50% of these companies do not devote any budget to mobile security.
Of the reasons cited, 77% cited the urgency of delivering the application as the main reason for insecurity:

“Building mobile application security is not a business priority, giving hackers an opportunity to understand how applications are being developed, unlock mobile devices and tap into confidential data,” says Caleb Barlow, Vice President of Mobile Management and Security at IBM.

However, the number of mobile cyber-attacks continues to grow, and this mobile insecurity thus offers many entry points to tap into the company’s data through insecure devices. Malicious code can infect more than 11.6 million mobile devices.

“Businesses need to think about security in the same way that highly effective cyber criminals who work collaboratively design attacks. Caleb Barlow, IBM.

Finally, the study reveals that companies do not protect their BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) mobile devices from cyber attacks. Hackers are now taking advantage of the best-known unsecured mobile apps, public WiFi networks and more to capture crucial data often hosted on BYOD mobile devices or corporate devices. They can also use mobile devices as a gateway to the business and its highly confidential internal network.

According to the IBM X-Force report, in 2017 alone, more than 1 billion personal identifiable data (PII) were compromised as a result of cyber attacks.


The state of mobile insecurity

How Smartphones are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Use of smartphones for healthcare

It is not surprising how technology is taking over the world including the healthcare industry. Gone are the days, when we have to manually and physically rely on doctors, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to assist us with our medical conditions. Nowadays, your health information can be accessed anytime through a smartphone.

This provides convenience to both doctors and patients. If you feel something wrong with your body and you want to find out what type of virus or sickness you just caught, you can just simply log on your smartphone and access any of the numerous health care apps. Just key in some relevant facts and the app will graciously help and assist you.

In 2016, the U.S. FDA has approved a total of 36 health care apps to provide medical assistance to people all over the world.

Examples of Great Mobile Apps for Health use


One the most popular apps is the Babylon. It is programmed with an artificially intelligent software that acts as your personal medical consultant. This app will be able to diagnose your medical condition without requiring you to go to the doctor for emergency advice.

It’s not only quick and convenient but most importantly, it won’t cost you a single cent. Imagine how much it would cost you if you rushed to the hospital to seek your doctor’s advice, let alone, how time-consuming it is to drive all the way to the clinic. This app aims not only to provide symptoms and diagnosis to patients but treat them as well.

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Doctors are currently testing designed tools for your smartphone. A device created by AliveCor is embedded with sensors to detect the user’s heart rate. This tool helps transmit the data to the app for proper diagnosis.

It acts as an active ECG device that produces the result in an instant. The company is currently performing routine tests using cardiogram, sleep apnea, and hemoglobin testing to allow consumers to access this on their smartphone.

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Start-Ups era

Many start-up companies around the world are starting to build portable stethoscopes, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes and body scanners to turn your smartphones into digital medical tools. These data will be tested by apps to analyze the results.

What to Expect

In the coming year, you can expect more collaborations between mobile technology and medical examinations including tests in your blood pressure, glucose level, heart rhythm, lab tests, and even ultrasound exams. With today’s technology, you will be able to take charge of your medical records including managing your health and lifestyle choices.

Your personal history will be analyzed by the computer’s algorithms to help determine the best diagnosis and treatment for you. These apps can eventually allow your smartphone to detect heart palpitation and provide test results in a few minutes compared to the usual routine practice of retrieving data that takes days or weeks. For other types of sickness such as diabetes, your smartphone will be able to help you monitor your condition at home.

We can expect to see more of these medical and technological breakthroughs that will certainly change the entire structure of the healthcare industry today by providing more solutions to patients all over the world.

Read more about this article in the Financial Times.


Driven to Achievements by Electronic Small business Playing cards


blogFor several years, corporations have been working with company cards to entice new prospects or to continue to keep get hold of with present types. But as society improvements and know-how evolves, advertising elements such as enterprise playing cards have become additional and extra significant-tech. Needless to say, it is critical for every enterprise that their promotion supplies communicates properly what is unique about their business and what sets them aside from their opponents.

These days, there is a better and additional cost successful way of promoting your solutions and solutions – that is by means of digital business cards. But what specifically are these digital business playing cards? In essence, it is a pocket dimension CD-ROM approximately the similar size as a common company card that can be performed in most digital machines that have CD motorists. With digital organization playing cards, your prospects can essentially access your web-site, know your goods and providers and have up o date information with just a simply click of the mouse. Compared to brochures, catalogs and newsletters which need to have to be printed each month or each and every quarter to include things like new additions in products and solutions or services, electronic business enterprise playing cards eliminate the require to print brochures every month. You only have to have to improve or strengthen your web-site to accommodate new solutions. From the electronic enterprise card by itself, shoppers will by now be in a position to know no matter what new products you have. Consequently, handing out electronic business playing cards can greater provide your prospects with improved and fuller obtain to what you have to offer.

Think about delivering your customers substantial volumes of information for considerably less than the price tag of a normal catalog printing. You can greater equip your customers with what they want to know concerning your solutions and potentially you can stimulate them to consider your products and services. Carrying out so, your marketing and advertising tactic will have a new lifetime and this means when you start to use this technologically state-of-the-art marketing instrument.

digitalmarketingDigital enterprise cards can also make you remain in advance of the competitiveness. Visualize you and your competitor handing out business enterprise playing cards at the similar time. Your competitor is providing out the regular enterprise card strategy even though you are handing out electronic business enterprise cards. You would recognize that your unique method would produce very good effect to you and your business enterprise. Buyers would also be fascinated with your distinct tactic and would be encourage to stop by your internet website and greater nevertheless avail of your merchandise and services. That’s why, this is a very good way to get found and stand out among the the relaxation.

Digital enterprise card is turning into the ‘it’ device in the organization market now. The unlimited alternatives it offers and the savvy qualified look that it provides can definitely present a number of benefits to organizations. It has, in fact, grow to be one of the most price tag powerful and superior marketing and advertising resource to strike the digital media enterprise.

Mobile Learning Tips To Raise Your Business enterprise


Mastering about mobile learning and marketing can be incredibly too much to handle, but just like something else, it can also be quite simply researched, realized, and applied. Now that you have uncovered this list of suggestions, hopefully, you can occur out a minor additional knowledgeable when it comes to cell internet marketing, so that you can refine your prepare and come to be a fantastic marketer.

Mobile LearningMake people today want to join your mobile learning and marketing campaign. Make clients mindful of your cell presence by placing details about your promotions on company playing cards, sales receipts, flyers and the like. Make customers exited about being associated with your cellular advertising and marketing promotions by generating positive there are distinctive specials just for them.

Target on relevance and timeliness when preparing your mobile learning and marketing marketing campaign. Messages gained in this structure should be temporary bursts of info that can be promptly applied. For example, instead than messaging about a sale scheduled months in advance, ship a reminder soon in advance of opening several hours or provide info not previously available like a alter in speaker.

Personalize your information as a great deal as feasible. Use mobile marketing platforms able of inserting tokens into your message so you can increase the customer’s identify into your advertising piece. Individualized messages have a higher reaction amount than impersonated ones. Be certain to make it possible for sufficient characters for the identify or your internet marketing textual content will be minimize off.

Take the time desired to learn how social media is effective, and how mobile marketing and advertising functions correct alongside with it. You want to do your analysis or extract the information from all those who already have it. Retain the services of somebody if you want to and it will pay back off in the long run.

Discovering what your competitors are undertaking, does not indicate that you really should duplicate the things that they have completed. You are to use the collected information to aid you determine issues that do the job and matters that do not function, so that you can acquire your plan successfully and preserve you the trial and mistake that they had to go via.

MobileLearningMake your messages concise. This isn’t the time to stress about perfect spelling, as you are limited in the quantity of people you can use. If you pick out “B” as an alternative of “be”, or “two” instead of “To” you will help save characters, and perhaps cost. There are some great texting translators on the web which can aid with this.

Mobile learning and marketing is a single of the most personal means that you can retain in contact with your shoppers. This is crucial to know due to the fact you can focus information right to the clients that you wish to goal. It is a marketing system that basically shares in the person’s way of living.

Sending out textual content messages in mobile marketing and advertising is a great thought, but you want to make sure that these messages are not professional in mother nature. The messages you mail should really certainly discuss to price and reward, but they have to be additional on the welcoming aspect and not so substantially on the industrial side.

Like any other issue, the planet of mobile marketing is huge and has a prosperity of information and facts readily available on it. In some cases, you just need to have a little hint as to where to commence, so that you can get begun. Hopefully, you have acquired that from the previously mentioned suggestions.